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12 Beautiful Time-Lapse Cannabis Grow Videos ​There’s just something ​fascinating about watching nature unfold into big, beautiful buds. So we collected our favorite time-lapse videos featuring See exactly how a marijuana plant grows in these high-quality time-lapse videos. Watch plants sprout, get topped, fill up a ScrOG screen, flower and more! Glass Check out our entire glass collection, from dabbers to spoons to sherlocks and bangers and more! Please note: there are multiple pages here to scroll through – don’t stop at this first

12 Beautiful Time-Lapse Cannabis Grow Videos

​There’s just something ​fascinating about watching nature unfold into big, beautiful buds. So we collected our favorite time-lapse videos featuring flower​ over the course of their lives. Watch, enjoy, and be a little bit jealous of the internets best grow vids.

This first gorgeous video is from reddit /r/microgrowery, and shows a 2 month flowering timelapse of Critical Kush from fuzzy grow (a long time member known for his beautiful time lapse grow videos).

Another submission from r/microgrowery (if you’re not a member then you should drop in), once again from Fuzzy Grow. This time with Blue Cheese and LSD ​(the cannabis strain of course.)

​Now it’s time to get into a massive grow project within a greenhouse, and it’s just like watching a forest come to life.

​An absolutely gorgeous video spanning 71 days – this a rare and beautifully shot ​from seed to harvest.

​Big Bud Steve over on Youtube shows us a 40 day time lapse ​using a Raspberry Pi​ to help grow his White Widow and Northern Lights.

​Not much detail here, just a simple homemade grow vid to look and appreciate.

Yet another video from fuzzy grow – but it’s just so easy to get lost in his collection. This time we see the deep blues and purples from Cheese and White widow coming to life.

​The final flowering stage of Tangerine Dream serenaded with the music from Halcyon + On. Another golden submission from the folks over at /r/microgrowery.

​From seed to ​full growth – this plant is absolutely monstrous! Rumor has it they harvest 1/2 pound just from this one plant. I am in awe.

​A massive grow and a 9-week timelape of Bluedream by Overgrow​. Incase you’re interested, they used Phantom 1000W DE Lighting Systems for this particular grow.

​We’ve covered single plants to massive grows, and now we go microscopic. We highly recommend you roll a joint before enduring on this ​micro level timelapse journey. The only thing missing is narration from David Attenborough.

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​Hilarious and clever – this is a must-watch, or a watch-again if you’ve already seen it. Using ​stop motion you can witness the entire growth period from seed to flower, and it’s everything we’ve ever wanted.

Cannabis Time-Lapse Photography Videos

Today I would like to feature the following incredible marijuana growing time-lapse photography and videos produced by fuzzygrow.

A huge thanks to fuzzygrow for contributing these uniquely valuable time-lapse videos to the marijuana growing community!

New Life – The birth of a marijuana plant from seed

This time-lapse video spans 5 days, a frame was taken every 6 minutes. 24fps .

Watch two seeds sprout and grow their first two sets of leaves. The plant on the left is Super Lemon Haze and the one on the right is strain Tijuana.

Marijuana seeds first sprout two smooth “baby” leaves known as cotyledon leaves. These leaves were already formed in the shell. When the seed is put in warm wet conditions, the seeds “wake up” and the seed splits open. The white tip that first emerges becomes a root and grows downward.

The cotyledon leaves unfurl and start gaining height above the soil. You can see the first “true” (wrinkled) set of marijuana leaves nestled in between the cotyledons at first, and as time goes on these spread out to catch as much light as possible.

You may notice the young seedlings making slow circular movements. As far as we know, all plants do this while they grow and this movement is known as nutation, circumnutation, or nutational movement .

While we don’t fully understand the mechanism behind this movement, some scientists speculate that it was developed as a way for the plant to “explore” and find the best direction to grow, since even though plants are rooted, the difference of even a couple of inches can make a huge difference in the survival of the plants.

Recovery of Topped Marijuana Plant & Formation of 2 New Colas

This time-lapse video spans 7 days

In this video, a young marijuana plant is topped and you can watch as the two growth tips from the top node (quick picture cheat sheet explaining nodes & growth tips) turn into the two new main colas.

After the plant is topped, notice that not just the top two, but all the growth tips on the plant begin growing out (the plant is becoming more bushy). This is due to a hormonal response that happens in the plant when the main cola is damaged.

Watch as the two new main colas at the top get wider and taller, while their connection to the base of the trunk is strengthened and thickened to support their growth.

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Young plant burned by Pyrethrum while lights are on & recovery

This time-lapse video spans 2 weeks, a frame was taken every 6 minutes. 30 fps.

This one is a little bit hard to watch as this Purple Haze seedling is hit by a strong insecticide (Doktor Doom) around 0:31 to combat spider mites.

The insecticide is sprayed while the lights are on, and unfortunately this combination of insecticide + light burns the young plant. You can see the plant struggles to recover for nearly the rest of the video.

I sprayed Dr. Doom on this young plant to try to combat spider mites. Plant is under a 42w CFL. The main apex was also burned which stopped growing but eventually a new one formed off center. New leaves sprouted just above the cotyledons as well.

Don’t spray pyrethrum-based products with any grow lights still on!

Pyrethrum is an ingredient in certain insecticides. In this case it came from Dr. Doom. Pyrethrum is very photoreactive so because it was sprayed with the lights on it created a bad situation on the plant as you can see. It almost appears to burn it. The growth was very gnarly for awhile afterwards!

You can see the extreme stress the Pyrethrum combined with grow lights has put on the young plant.

Although this plant recovers, you can see how badly the burns stunted its growth, and you’ll notice that the regrowth that follows is a bit odd as the plant “ditches” the burnt parts and then gets back into the swing of things.

Growing with ScrOG Time-Lapse

Watch as these young plants are trained to fill up a ScrOG net. ScrOG stands for “Screen Of Green” and refers to using a “screen” (usually made of string) to force plants to grow into a flat canopy.

Seedling & Vegetative Stage

The above time-lapse video spans 40 days of growth. A frame was taken every 6 minutes. 50fps .

Once the screen has been “filled out” with vegetative growth, the grower will switch to the flowering stage. The ScrOG technique is used to get better yields out of your indoor grow lights, which are most effective when plants are kept as close to the lights as possible. The ScrOG technique makes it so that when buds start forming, the lights shine directly on the buds and fatten them.

You just saw these plants fill up the ScrOG net in the last video. Now watch as the colas from these scrogged plants fatten up throughout the flowering stage until harvest time.

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Flowering Stage

Why do marijuana plants seem to “breathe” in time-lapse photography?

Why do the leaves begin to droop down and then suddenly spring back up?

All plants do that. It partly has to do with their Circadian rhythms. Plants must put energy into keeping cell walls rigid to hold up the leaves. Kinda like using their “muscles”. With plants like cannabis, the leaves tend to “rest” at night and “perk up” when they “think” the sun is going to come out.

The plants also wilt when they’re thirsty and perk up after being watered.

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Bonus Marijuana Time Lapse Videos

These have been circulating around the internet for a while, but if you haven’t seen them before, you don’t want to miss these bonus marijuana time-lapse videos.

Incredible series of moving time-lapse videos of growing cannabis plants, set to music

Growing Marijuana Time Lapse – 80 days in 45 seconds

Sweet And Sour Headband Marijuana Time Lapse Grow – seed to harvest

Seedling to Harvest – Marijuana plant grown naturally without any plant training

65 Nights in 2 minutes

Adding ladybugs to kill small case of spider mites

3 Months in 40 Seconds

For fun! – Morning Sunrise over Cannabis plant timelapse video – very pretty


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