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Learn everything you need to know about cannabis laws, culture, and where to buy the best cannabis seeds in the Mother of Presidents state. Cannabis seeds in Virginia Beach? YES Cannabis Seeds are delivered as adult souvenir products. Buy Virginia Beach marijuana seeds. Buy cannabis seeds in Virginia Beach online from I49 Virginia! Choose from autoflower, regular and feminized marijuana seeds for sale in the USA. 1-888-441-4949

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Laws on Buying & Growing Marijuana Seeds in Virginia in 2022. Growing Tips, Recommended Seed Strains, and the Best Seed Banks That Deliver to The Mother of All Presidents.

Virginia, also known as the Birthplace of the Nation, officially legalized recreational cannabis.

Whether you’ve lived in VA all your life or not — cannabis legalization is a big deal. If you’re ready to grow weed seeds at home in Virginia — you need to read this guide!

You’ll soon discover the best online seed banks to buy marijuana seeds from, top-shelf seed strains, grow tips, and Virginia’s lengthy history with cannabis.

In a Nutshell — The Legality of Marijuana Seeds in Virginia

Suppose you’re ready to exercise your right to grow marijuana seeds at home in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In that case, you’ll need to understand what’s legal and what’s not to avoid any unnecessary issues.

Here’s a summary of current cannabis laws in Virginia:

  • Recreational cannabis is legal
  • Medical marijuana is legal
  • It’s legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds from seed banks
  • CBD is legal

As you can see — Virginia is an awesome place to live if you enjoy the great outdoors, breweries, and, of course, growing your own weed seeds at home!

Below, you’ll find a treasure trove of insightful information that spans the best online seed banks, top-rated seed strains, grow tips, and a historical account of cannabis laws in Virginia.

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Super Sour Berry

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Virginia

Although growing marijuana seeds is clearly legal, there are a handful of considerations that you need to take into account.

Therefore, allow this section to explain crucial aspects of cannabis cultivation, such as when to germinate weed seeds and what to watch out for while growing marijuana.

Once you’re done reading the content below, you’ll gain the upper hand in growing top-shelf cannabis.

When to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Virginia

Virginia exhibits a humid subtropical climate that experiences marine influence from the coast.

Overall, Virginians battle frigid temperatures throughout winter and soggy humidity that can be obscenely hot in the summer. Overall, you need to plant your marijuana seeds at the right time to avoid any problems, such as stunted or dead seedlings.

If you plan to grow weed outdoors, the best time to germinate cannabis seeds is in May. Although southern regions may be warmer than northern sections, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and sprout cannabis seeds once the last chance of frost ends.

Germinating cannabis seeds any sooner may land you in the in-between period where Virginia still experiences cold nights and mornings. Remember, the growing season is long in Virginia, and your weed plants will have ample opportunity to grow to their potential.

If you grow cannabis indoors — any time is fine to germinate seeds.

Virginia exhibits a humid subtropical climate that experiences marine influence from the coast.

Issues to Consider When Growing Marijuana Seeds in Virginia

Although no one wants to talk about it, let’s discuss what can go wrong when growing cannabis seeds and plants at home in Virginia.

Here’s a list of problems that can occur during the growing season in Virginia:

As you can see — each of the issues can wreck your crop in an instant. Therefore, you must read this section from start to finish to learn how to avoid each situation.

Law Enforcement

Although growing cannabis seeds and plants is officially legal in Virginia — you can still land in hot water if you don’t follow the rules.

Remember, you’re allowed to grow a maximum of four mature cannabis plants. Therefore, it’s illegal to sprout more than four cannabis seeds!

Furthermore, you’ll need to keep your cannabis plants or seedlings in a secure location that passersby can’t see. As long as you follow these directions, you won’t see the police walking up to your porch.

Remember, even if growing weed is legal, you should be considerate of your neighbors. If growing cannabis seeds indoors, always use a carbon filter and grow tent to mask the smell or blinding light from the grow lights.

If you grow weed outdoors, always erect high fencing and a wide variety of plants around your garden to keep things looking natural.


As with any state in the US — thieves are a problem for marijuana growers.

Virginia is no different, which is why you must implement a few different strategies to steer clear of thieves in the night.

If you grow cannabis indoors, always install security cameras and alarm systems. If your home is broken into, you can turn over the video records to the police. Additionally, alarm systems will dissuade would-be thieves once they break-in.

If you grow marijuana outdoors, you should always use high fencing and motion-detecting lights. If you can, a locked enclosure around your marijuana garden is optimal for an added layer of security.

Last but not least — don’t brag around town that you’re growing cannabis seeds or plants.

Even if growing weed is legal, you don’t want to paint a target on your house for thieves. Overall, it’s best to keep your cannabis hobby to yourself, even in a legal state like Virginia.

Inclement Weather

When it comes to bad weather, Virginia’s interior is protected from hurricanes that make landfall from the coast.

However, you can expect ample levels of humidity during the entirety of the growing season. If you grow cannabis outdoors, you’ll need to combat humidity and oppressive heat.

As the growing season wanes into autumn, you’ll need to contend with falling temperatures. Therefore, you should always harvest your outdoor cannabis crop by the end of August or the beginning of September.

If you grow cannabis outdoors, you’ll need to combat humidity and oppressive heat.

Pests and Diseases

Thanks to the humidity — Virginia is a hotbed for pests and diseases.

Overall, don’t be surprised if your weed crop gets jumped by bud rot or fungus gnats. However, there are a few tried-and-true methods to avoid disaster.

First, you must buy disease and pest-resistant seed strains from an online seed bank. Remember, pest and disease-resistant seed strains can stand against most common issues, such as powdery mildew and spider mites.

Second, it’s a good idea to apply organic pesticides or fungicides a few times during the vegetative phase. By doing so, you’ll avoid the heavy brunt of an outbreak in your weed garden if one occurs.

Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Virginia

Now, let’s discuss a few battle-hardened tips for growing cannabis seeds in Virginia.

Buy Cannabis Seeds From a Reputable Online or Local Seed Bank in Virginia

When it comes to growing weed in Virginia — you want the best seeds possible.

Therefore, you must buy cannabis seeds from a trustworthy online seed bank. By doing so, you’ll have access to verified seed strains that produce star-studded yields that deserve to be on the cover of High Times.

However, it’s a good idea to find an online seed bank that’s both trustworthy and ships to Virginia. Once you hone in on the perfect seed bank — it’s time to load up on your favorite seed strains!

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Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Regional Climate in Virginia

Next, you must buy cannabis seeds according to your regional climate.

Since Virginia exhibits high humidity, you’ll need to search for mold-resistant seed strains on an online seed bank. Although Virginia doesn’t get too cold once fall hits, it’s a good idea to buy fast-flowering cannabis seeds.

Even if you can grow a 10-week seed strain — it’s best to harvest your buds quickly to avoid any issues with the incoming fall climate.

Although Virginia doesn’t get too cold once fall hits, it’s a good idea to buy fast-flowering cannabis seeds.

Plan Your Cannabis Garden in Advance

Last but not least is to plan your marijuana garden.

Whether you grow cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors — your goal should be to complete the garden before you germinate seeds.

Even if your marijuana seeds arrive from an online seed bank earlier than expected — wait until you finish setting up the garden before you pop them!

Which Marijuana Seed Store Is the Best Option For Residents in Virginia?

Now, let’s discuss the two types of seed banks and which is the best option for Virginians.

Local Cannabis Seed Stores in Virginia

If you want to buy cannabis seeds in person — here are a few seed banks/dispensaries that you might find seed packs at:

However, recreational cannabis is new to Virginia. In other words, local seed banks are not cropping up quickly in RVA or Virginia Beach as fast as dispensaries.

In any case, always call ahead to ensure the dispensary of your choice carries cannabis seeds. Ultimately, local seed b

Online Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship to Virginia

If you’re ready to buy the best marijuana seeds that the industry has to offer — look no further than online seed banks.

From unlimited seed selection to affordable pricing, there’s nothing but upside when you choose to buy weed seeds from an online seed bank. Our two favorite seed banks that deliver to Virginia are:

ILGM and MSNL Seed Bank offer some of the best customer service the industry has to offer. Furthermore, you’ll easily find the seed strain of your dreams while browsing ILGM or MSNL Seed Bank’s secure websites.

Recommended Cannabis Seed Strains to Buy From Online Seed Banks and Grow In Virginia

Let’s talk about our top three seed strains to buy and grow for this year’s grow season in Virginia without further ado.

Super Silver Haze Feminized Seed Strain

Super Silver Haze

When it comes to one of the most legendary sativa strains worldwide — none comes close to the Super Silver Haze seed strain.

Known for the most first-place awards at the Cannabis Cup, the Super Silver Haze Feminized seed strain is a must-have for this year’s grow. Once you harvest a crop from the SSH Feminized seed strain, you’ll understand why High Times judges fall head over heels for this sativa beauty.

Furthermore, the Super Silver Haze Feminized seed strain is easy to grow in outdoor and indoor environments. Additionally, we can’t help but point out that the SSH seed strain can handle high humidity levels while easily deterring bud rot and powdery mildew.

From large-scale harvests to eye-popping potency, you’ll be left in a daze for hours on end with the Super Silver Haze Feminized seed strain. If you’re ready to experience what top-shelf truly means — grab a pack of Super Silver Haze Feminized seeds today!

Big Bud Feminized Seed Strain

If you dream of record-busting yields — look no further than the Big Bud Feminized seed strain.

Not only is the Big Bud Feminized seed strain true to its name, but it’s also easy to grow. Whether you’re a beginner or pro — you’ll find ounces of top-shelf nugs glistening in THC-packed resin.

From indoor grow tents to outdoor plots, the Big Bud Feminized seed strain can handle it all. Furthermore, you can rest assured that Big Bud can withstand elevated humidity levels, which is prominent in Virginia.

Overall, the Big Bud Feminized seed strain provides the golden trifecta that all cannabis enthusiasts search for: scale-breaking yields, sky-high potency, looks that can kill, and mouth-watering flavors.

If you’re ready to supersize your harvest — it’s time to buy a pack of Big Bud Feminized seeds!

Blue Dream Feminized Seed Strain

If you want to grow top-shelf weed without any fuss — look no further than the Blue Dream Feminized seed strain.

The Blue Dream Feminized seed strain ranks #1 on most of the best seed strain lists on the internet. Although we’re always on the hunt for new and exciting seed strains, Blue Dream nails it every time.

From mouth-watering flavors to picture-perfect buds, the Blue Dream seed strain is what dreams are made of. Furthermore, did we mention that the Blue Dream seed strain is crazy easy to grow?

Whether you’re a beginner or not, you can easily grow the Blue Dream seed strain outdoors or indoors. If you’re ready to transform your weed garden into a trichome jungle, the time is now to snag a pack of Blue Dream Feminized seeds.

The History of Cannabis in Virginia

Virginia is one of the founding states in the USA.

In other words, it has some of the deepest roots in the United States compared to other states out West. However, we’re going to talk about Virginia’s history with cannabis and how it has suddenly become a beacon of hope for cannabis enthusiasts in the South.

Cannabis Laws in Virginia

From prohibition to recreational cannabis, Virginia has come a long way.

Below, we’ll expand on landmark events that have made today’s recreational cannabis laws possible.

Virginia Outlaws Cannabis

Along with the rest of the United States, Virginia banned all forms of cannabis in the 1930s.

Although Virginia has been a conservative stronghold over the decades, cannabis has enjoyed relatively light laws.

Virginia banned all forms of cannabis in the 1930s.

Virginia Allows a Rudimentary Version of Medical Marijuana

In 1979, Virginia became one of the first states to let physicians recommend cannabis for patients with severe illnesses, such as glaucoma or cancer.

Although the 1979 ruling was not considered medical marijuana — it was the precursor to the current laws surrounding MMJ.

Virginia Legalizes Medical Marijuana

In 2018, Virginia officially legalized medical marijuana.

The move came long after Virginia created a framework for patients to obtain cannabis in 1979. However, lawmakers approved the creation and licensing structure for businesses to operate medical marijuana dispensaries.

Once created, medical marijuana patients could buy MMJ at local dispensaries.

In 2018, Virginia officially legalized medical marijuana.

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana License in Virginia

If you want to apply for a medical marijuana card in Virginia, you must head to Virginia’s Department of Health Professions Board of Pharmacy.

Once accepted — you may buy medical marijuana at a participating dispensary!

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Virginia Goes Light on Cannabis Offenders

In 1990, Virginian lawmakers decided to “tighten” cannabis laws.

However, a provision within the bill allowed marijuana to be distributed to patients with glaucoma or cancer.

Furthermore, the bill included legislation that made the punishment for growing cannabis seeds at home a minor crime. Instead of a felony, cannabis growers found with a limited number of marijuana plants were charged with simple possession.

Overall, the 1990s signaled the end of cannabis prohibition in Virginia.

The Legality of Cannabis Seeds and Seed Banks in Virginia

If you’re wondering about the legality of cannabis seeds and seed banks in Virginia, relax — they’re legal.

Once retail dispensaries open in Virginia, you’ll find a wide variety of cannabis seeds for sale. Furthermore, seed banks are likely to crop up throughout Virginia as many residents take up cannabis cultivation.

Marijuana-Seeds.NL – High Quality Genetics. Shipping Worldwide.

Penalties for Cannabis Possession in Virginia

Although it’s legal to possess up to an ounce of cannabis in Virginia — there are rules you must follow to avoid prosecution.

Here is a list of penalties associated with possessing cannabis in Virginia.

  • Possessing more than an ounce but less than a pound of cannabis is a violation ($25 ticket)

As you can see — Virginians have a lot of leeway if caught with a personal amount of marijuana.

Penalties for Cannabis Trafficking in Virginia

It’s extremely illegal to sell any amount of cannabis in Virginia.

Once you possess more than a personal limit — you enter “trafficking” territory. Here’s a list of penalties associated with selling marijuana in Virginia:

  • Selling more than an ounce of marijuana is a felony

As you can imagine, the penalties increase in tandem with the amount of cannabis found in your person or home.

Penalties for Cannabis Seed Cultivation in Virginia

Although it’s legal to grow up to four cannabis seeds or plants in Virginia — there are rules you must follow to avoid prosecution.

Here is a list of penalties associated with growing cannabis in Virginia.

  • Growing more than four cannabis plants or seeds for personal use is a misdemeanor
  • Growing cannabis plants or seeds for sale is a felony

As you can see — you must stay within the limits of personal use while growing weed seeds in Virginia to avoid harsh penalties.

Virginia Beach Cannabis Seeds

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Are marijuana seeds legal to own in Virginia Beach?

In Virginia, the recreational use of marijuana is still illegal. Virginia does, however, allow for the limited use of CBD oil, based on a valid prescription. See Virginia Cannabis Laws

Can I get cannabis seeds in Virginia Beach? YES
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How do I order marijuana seeds to Virginia Beach?

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Cannabis Seeds Virginia Beach

Located at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay on the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach is a beautiful coastal town of nearly half a million people. This popular destination sees visitors all through the year, but the population really booms the most around summertime. The oceanfront and boardwalk areas are buzzing with active people. There are also lots of Museums, shop, and galleries for the person seeking a more introverted quiet activity.

Virginia Beach is also known for its colorful dining options, arts and entertainment venues, and parks to explore with the whole family. After a day or two by the oceanfront, visit the Virginia Aquarium, the Cape Henry Lighthouse, or one of the weekly Old Beach Farmer’s Markets. If you want to buy cannabis seeds in Virginia Beach you may not find a store for this, but there are certainly options online.

This is of course the first part of the Americas to be settled back in the early 1600’s. Captain Christopher Newport’s voyage fell on mainland Virginia and named the territory Cape Henry, after the firstborn son of King James the 1 st . Now coined “America’s First Region” this place is home to many museums displaying old confederate artifacts. If the outdoors is your thing, make sure to visit First Landing State Park or the fascinating Mount Trashmore Park. This 165-acre park was built over a massive landfill site back in 1974 and now features, trails, playgrounds, picnic shelters and an old skatepark that burnt to the ground many years ago!

Most stoners are sure to appreciate the colorful sights to behold in the ViBe creative district, highlighted by walking tour of some incredible wall murals around the city. Located just off the oceanfront, there are small shops lining the streets that feature local art, leatherwork, artisanal spirits, skate accessories and more! You will also find some incredible restaurants and café’s serving coffee, alcoholic drinks, and vegan fare. Virginia Beach is a hot spot for I49 Cannabis Seeds, offering a wide range of feminized pot seeds and easy to grow weed seeds.

Are Seeds From I49 Seed Bank Good?

When you buy seeds from I49 Seed Bank, you are making a conscious choice to buy from a reputable company with great customer reviews and a stand-up germination guarantee. With a plethora of seed options, tons of seeds on sale and a wealth of resources, i49 seed bank ensures your gratification every time.

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal in Virginia Beach?

The State of Virginia has just recently received some uplifting news regarding the possession of marijuana. On July 1 st , 2020 Bill SB 2 / HB972 was signed into place, decriminalizing weed in any amount up to one ounce.

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The punishment used to be up to 30 days jail sentence and/or up to a $500 fine. Now amounts under 1 ounce are only considered a civil offence with a max fine of up to $25. All the while, cannabis seeds remain completely legal for purchase, because of their designation as a novelty item. When shopping online with I49, you get access to all the greatest strains of Cannabis Seeds.

That said, medicinal seed sales remain legal in Virginia Beach as long as they are not germinated. You can relax knowing the seeds you order from I49 will be packaged and mailed discreetly right to your doorstep.

Autoflowering Seeds: A Grower’s Guide

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are easy to cultivate for most growers. These plants will flower without the need to change light cycles or remove the male plants. Auto seeds are a great option for either beginner growers or experienced cultivators who just want to lighten their mental load. The autoflowering seeds available at are guaranteed to be authentic and viable, which also takes away some of the potential worry.

These seeds are well-paired for growers in a cooler climate that experience a shorter summer season. Because you can start your seedlings earlier in the spring indoors and then move them outside, it won’t matter if you put them out before or after the spring equinox. Although Virginia Beach has a long hot summer, growing autoflowering seeds are usually a great choice to maximize the number of crops you can grow in one season.

What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds remove the need to carefully monitor your baby plants and weed out the male plants, a task that comes with the risk of oversight and damage to your entire crop. And if you are forced to pull up half your plants, you wind up with wasted space and wasted money. You want to make sure you are getting weed seeds for sale that offer the best feminized seeds on the market.

You can rest assured that when you buy i49 feminized cannabis seeds, you’ll only get female plants, allowing you to plant fewer seeds and enjoy greater success. You won’t have to worry about that one overlooked male plant damaging your crop by pollinating the females, resulting in dank, seedy buds and low yields.

What Cannabis Strains Grow Best in Virginia Beach?

As evidenced by the beautiful Norfolk botanical garden adjacent to the airport, Virginia Beach is a prime location for the success of outdoor plants. The botanical gardens offer facility rentals for family gatherings or weddings, and also regularly scheduled children’s programs. This is a great place to have a nice mellow wander with some northern lights marijuana strain rolled up in your pocket for the trip. Northern Lights is just one of the several hundred seed varieties listed at, where you can buy cannabis seeds in Virginia Beach, Virginia right from your home.

Cape Henry Lighthouse is the first lighthouse ever authorized by Congress. The attraction still has connections with the government; located on the grounds of the Fort Story military base, you’ll have to show ID (either a real ID Act-compliant driver’s license or a passport) at the property’s entrance. After that long day of exploring and learning why not kick back with the best purple kush seeds you will ever get your hands on and gift yourself with the most peaceful sleep.

The historic First Landing State Park is another beauty spot you can not miss. As you may guess from the name, this is the location where the first colonists landed back in 1607. Today this peaceful shoreline park offers a great place to enjoy the outdoors, either with a walk or a picnic lunch. These wedding cake strain seeds for sale can be an option for an afternoon smoke while walking the park when you’re needing to destress from the day.

CBD Seeds: What’s The Big Deal?

In most modern strains, THC is found in larger quantities (anywhere from 5 – 30%), while CBD is the 2nd most prevalent cannabinoid (usually 0.1 – 12%). That being said, we also offer many 420 seeds online that are high CBD low THC options if that is what you are interested in, or if that was the restrictions in your home state allow for.

And when you’re shopping for medical cannabis seeds, be sure to research the differences between the sativa CBD seeds and indica CBD seeds available on our website. We want to make sure you buy the right strain to match your symptoms.

CBD has likely been used for hundreds or thousands of years and only now are we gaining a better idea of how it really helps on a cellular level. Research topics have observed its usefulness in inflammatory problems like arthritis and chronic pain, as well as other issues with the central nervous system, like seizures, anxiety, and migraine headaches. If you are looking for something with more THC levels try out i49 seeds which has a variety of high THC seeds available.

If you have been growing the same strains for several years and are looking for something new to try, why not check out a CBD strain from i49 to see how you like the benefits that can be received without the psychedelic head high.

Buy Cannabis Seeds For Your Garden

Are you growing for the first time? Planting the right seeds at the right time of year is your first step.

When you buy cannabis seeds through I49 Virginia for your garden you want to make sure those weed seeds offer both indoor and outdoor strains and will let you enjoy connoisseur-quality marijuana in the comforts of your own home. Looking for the easiest cannabis seeds usa growers can find? We have the best outdoor seeds and indoor seeds that will be guaranteed to thrive in your Virginia Beach basement, greenhouse, or grow-tent.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Is Easy!

So, you have set up your first grow, you’ve purchased all your lights, your soil and you’ve selected which seed bank to order from. Now you need decided on what strain you want to try and grow. While there are many choices and variables to consider, regular or autoflowering, feminized or male, regular pot seeds or high THC strains, you’ll need to decide whether or purchase the seeds online or in store. Given that Virginia Beach doesn’t have an abundance of dispensaries like some other cities in the US, an online seed bank is going to be your best option.

In today’s world, most of us are ordering our pot seeds online at a reputable online cannabis seed bank and growers love the option of looking through catalogues, talking to an educated staff member and getting seeds delivered safely without even leaving the comfort of our living room.

When you feel ready to buy cannabis seeds in Virginia Beach you want to look online for seeds and a trusted seed bank such as I49 USA. Read through the hundreds of five-star reviews left by other satisfied growers, then make your purchase in confidence!