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Can you buy cannabis seeds on eBay? Ebay is one of the largest selling platforms on the internet and has been around since 1995. People can buy nearly anything they desire on this marketplace. Looking to buy marijuana seeds in Floris Iowa? Check out our exclusive selection and stock up now. idk if this is new or what after finding out attitude seed bank will no longer accept my bank card im looking for other sites is this legal or what?? anyone…

Can you buy cannabis seeds on eBay?

Ebay is one of the largest selling platforms on the internet and has been around since 1995. People can buy nearly anything they desire on this marketplace. But if you ever decided to shop for cannabis seeds on eBay then you would have had a disappointing result. Continue reading to look into whether eBay can sell cannabis seeds, what their policy says in regards to sellers listing cannabis seeds, and also the most suitable places to purchase cannabis seeds online.

Are cannabis seeds sold on eBay?

If you have ever searched for cannabis seeds on eBay you wouldn’t have had much luck as eBay does not allow the sale of cannabis seeds. Some sellers make attempts to list cannabis seeds on eBay as another product but the listings are likely to be reported if eBay isn’t already aware of the listing. Once eBay is aware of sellers listing cannabis seeds the listing will be removed from the website.

Ebay’s policy in regards to cannabis seeds

Ebay has a strict policy prohibiting the sale of many products, one restricted item is any drug-like substance, which includes cannabis seeds. Ebay’s policies also state that sellers cannot list any drug paraphernalia, which includes any item in relation to any form of drug use.

Any seller that is found to be selling prohibited items such as cannabis seeds can expect the listing to be removed and potentially any other active listings removed. eBay may also lower the seller’s rating, apply buying and or selling restrictions and also account suspension.

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Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds on eBay?

Ebay has to work within the state and federal laws and regulations. These laws and regulations state that controlled substances are illegal and therefore cannot be sold on eBay. Although cannabis seeds are not a controlled substance eBay prohibits any drug related substances or products.

Where else can you buy cannabis seeds?

As eBay is not somewhere to purchase cannabis seeds, you may be thinking can I purchase cannabis seeds online? There are many websites that can legally sell cannabis seeds, such as right here on our website!

Using a reputable website such as Sticky Seeds is the safest way for a customer to purchase cannabis seeds legally. The benefits to buying from a reputable seller include better quality seeds, a wider variety of strains to chose from, genuine customer reviews, and an online support network if you have any queries or issues.

To conclude, eBay is not the most suitable place to buy or sell this type of seed. Sellers that attempt to sell these products unlawfully disguising the product as something else are at risk of having their accounts suspended.

This article is written for informational purposes only and should not be used as legal advice under any circumstances. Please also be aware that cannabis seeds are legal to sell and possess in the UK but germinating and growing the seeds is illegal and can result in fines, criminal records, and a prison sentence.

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds Near Me
Buying Medical Marijuana Seeds From Ebay

This will directly result in a higher yield of the house grown Marijuana. These seeds are best fit if the cultivator wishes to avoid the removal of the male plants and is just thinking about breeding resin-carrying buds. If you want to streamline the growing even more, you must select autoflowering Cannabis seeds.

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Furthermore, these species need less growing time and are hence earlier ready for the harvest. Cannabis seeds for indoor and outdoor growing Depending on the space you have available you can select between species that flourish best outdoors or in an enclosed area. Outside strands normally grow a lot larger, flourish best in a natural environment and are really robust.

Both types sprout particularly well inside, safe from temperature drops or other environment changes. If you are aiming to purchase Marijuana for indoor development, we advise Huge Bud, Amnesia, or White Widow. They are the bestsellers in our online store. Indoor species like a consistent temperature and humidity level and their development and blooming can easily be influenced by managing the lighting times.

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Has Anyone Ordered Seeds Off Ebay?

idk if this is new or what after finding out attitude seed bank will no longer accept my bank card im looking for other sites is this legal or what?? anyone done this yet
they say 100 for 5 pack tga seeds? anyone seen this id share link but idk i cant

Well-Known Member

Not a chance I’d buy beans from ebay.
Seems to be plenty seed banks with good reps recommended on here although I’ve little experience with em

Give the item number instead of a link, atleast it’ll take us there with a simple copy n paste

Well-Known Member

Fuuuuuuck nooooooo. Do a little more digging around on the forum here and you’ll find quite a few reputable distributors. Of course everyone has their preference.. but I’ve never once heard someone list eBay as their place to go.


@SSR heres that item number 362576263981
yea idk why im so nervios ive bought before just always used same site
and now they will not take my card guess bc its a mastercard lol

Roger A. Shrubber
Well-Known Member

number 1. don’t fucking buy illegal things from amazon or ebay. just don’t.
number 2. 100 bucks for 5 seeds is fucking ridiculous.
number 3. who you gonna bitch to when you get 5 bunk seeds that may be weed, if they ever germinate.

these are reputable suppliers with MUCH better prices, usually a few freebies with an order. and they guarantee delivery, as long as you pay a little extra, which is well worth it imo