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BioTrackTHC is the leader in government seed-to-sale tracking solutions designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Schedule a demo today! Get reviews, pricing, and demos on the best seed-to-sale software. Prices starting from $19.99/month. Compare products like BioTrackTHC, MJ Freeway, Canix, and more. Reviews on Windows, web-based, Mac, iOS, and Android systems. Best Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Tracking Software Upkeeping your marijuana products is like a farmer tending his many crops. You want to produce high-quality plants to keep your clientele coming back

Government Seed-to-Sale Software

The BioTrack cannabis and hemp traceability system has extensive tracking and reporting capabilities to assist state and local governments with enforcing regulations, collecting taxes, verifying product quality, and preventing illegal cannabis diversion and inversion. The system allows regulatory agencies to view every gram of legal cannabis or hemp throughout the production life cycle. Having emerged from the medical software industry, the technology was originally developed as a prescription drug and methamphetamine precursor tracking system to assist state government and law enforcement agencies in preventing drug diversion and promoting public safety. The Traceability system has passed a SAS No. 70 audit (now SSAE 16) to certify the System’s compliance with strict standards for electronic prescriptions of all legal classes of medication.


    Upon propagation from a seed, each plant or clone is assigned a globally unique 16 digit identifier. This identifier records and archives plant phases, additives and employee interactions to ensure accountability and adhere to regulations during the plants’ maturation.
    All cannabis components are batched by material-type. Batched material receives a new 16 digit identifier that contains plant history since propagation. Batched material includes prepackaged goods or derivatives such as oil concentrate.
    Cannabis and cannabis derivatives are then tested for chemicals, contaminants and other harmful additives prior to entering the market place. Test results, including potency, are automatically assigned and printed on product labels.
    A detailed manifest must be completed prior to transporting cannabis. The manifest displays the shipments’ origin, a detailed contents list including quantity, destination and driver credentials, displaying the entire chain of custody. Manifest reports are available for law enforcement in real-time.
    In addition to linking products to plant origin, each sale is tracked to the patient or customer. This completes the unbroken chain of custody from seed-to-sale.
    The Traceability System generates a unique ID number for every patient, and can also integrate with hardware for patient ID card printing. Patient information and sales limitations are easily validated in real-time.
    The traceability portal is a secure, online, data hub that provides detailed analytics for regulatory agencies and law enforcement. The data allows law enforcement to track cannabis transportation and inventory in real-time. Detailed financial reports are available for the Department of Revenue or other agencies. This ensures compliance and adherence to industry standards and state laws.


By meeting all necessary requirements and going through a thorough vetting process, BioTrack was granted usage rights to the Amazon Government Cloud (AWS GovCloud), which, “is an isolated AWS region designed to host sensitive data and regulated workloads in the cloud, helping customers support their U.S. government compliance requirements, including the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).”

Want to learn more about how BioTrack makes security a priority? Click here.


To recall cannabis plants and products deemed as unsafe/adulterated

Prevent adulterated materials from reaching the regulated market, and preventing regulated materials from reaching the black market

Allow regulating bodies to track cannabis plants and products to the source and to the consumer

Preventing cannabis from reaching those for whom it is not intended


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Plans vary by state.
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What is Cannabis Seed to Sale Software?

Seed to sale software is specialized inventory management software that tracks legal cannabis plants from their early life cycle until the final sale to the end consumer. You can think of it like an easy seed to sale crm that offers marijuana cultivators, processors, and dispensaries easy sale tracking, integrated APIs and effortless record keeping from a centralized point. Seed to sale tracking is important throughout the supply chain to help prevent diversion, assist in product recalls and provide regulators with a clear understanding of the industry. The best seed to sale software on the market does this and so much more. BioTrack’s marijuana seed to sale software will not only help you run a compliant business, but also gives you the tools you need to save time and scale your business.

The BioTrack seed to sale marijiuana tracking software was specifically designed for the cannabis industry. The inventory management system will help licensed marijuana businesses as well as states to keep track of inventory throughout the supply chain and help to ensure products are safe well before they reach the general public. This helps both licensed businesses and industries grow to reach their full potential.

Just because BioTrack has been in the industry for over 10 years does not mean that we are resting on our laurels. In 2020 alone, we added multiple new features to the platform to help manage operation, provide enhanced tools and control cost along with multiple new integrations with the goal of helping companies with compliant growth from top to bottom.

Our best in class seed-to-sale software helps clients meet and stay ahead of ever-changing regulatory compliance with the assistance of our dedicated government affairs team, and our dedicated support team makes the operation of your cannabis business their top priority.

With the germination of each cannabis seed, sale of a safe, top-quality product to the end consumer is the primary goal. By using BioTrack’s seed to sale software and point of sale system both business owners and government regulators can ensure a safe and compliant cannabis industry for years to come.

Seed-to-Sale Software

Get the best seed-to-sale software for your business. Compare product reviews, pricing below. Read our buyer’s guide for more help.

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Seed-to-Sale Software Buyer’s Guide

The cannabis industry is continuing to grow with each coming year. As of the start of 2022, there are eighteen states (and the District of Columbia) that consider marijuana to be fully legal, with more offering medicinal options. As such, growers and cultivators are finding ways to produce a product as efficiently as possible, maintain state regulations, and turn a profit.

Whether you’re a cultivator, packager, or retailer, you’ll want to track every gram of the product and all related costs from seed to sale. Seed to sale software helps cultivators, manufacturers, processors, and even retailers become as legitimate of an operation as any other pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor.

We’ll be able to touch base on the following topics:

What Is Seed to Sale Software?

Seed-to-sale software (also known as cannabis software or marijuana software) seeks to manage your entire cannabis cultivation operation. From simple compliance monitoring and dispensary POS (point-of-sale) functionality to predictive analytics, seed to sale software ensures you operate every facet of your licensed cannabis business the way it should.

Given strict regulations in the cannabis industry, players in the market found it difficult to find companies to process the plant (either companies that trimmed a plant to sellable product, or broke down the plant into a good such as CBD or a THC-based product such as an edible), vendors for seeds or needed equipment, or even clients to sell their product to. Because of that, marijuana cultivators will have vertical integration, where they manage every aspect of the supply chain, so all aspects of seed to sale (manufacturing, distribution, and retail) are covered. Seed to sale software will do that; help you out from planting the seed to selling the finished product.

Of course, seed to sale software can manage the entirety of your supply chain process as well as assisting you in one area of seed to sale, such as the manufacturing. Companies looking to integrate the seed to sale process with back-office accounting and inventory control may want to consider a fully integrated cannabis ERP software.

BioTrackTHC has an inventory module specifically catered to the industry, allowing you to categorize your product as needed and assign the units desired.

Features of Seed-to-Sale Software

Feature Description
Cultivation Tracking Monitor and automate your grow performance. Monitor any waste that is generated and account for potential errors in weight with moisture loss. Find inefficiencies in your operation by better tracking time and labor costs. Log notes about strains to keep a close eye on genealogy and potency.
Compliance Management State regulators want to monitor every step in the supply chain including where it was planted, harvested, processed, and sold. Strict traceability is a must. Compliance functionalities in seed to sale software will go over plant and product procedures to ensure compliance. They will also automatically report any compliance data to the state while ensuring reports are created in a compliance-friendly manner.
Processing and Manufacturing Optimize future product yield by keeping a close watch on your nutritional cycle via watering, lighting, and adding pesticides. Analyze the volume of your harvest to help predict and optimize future yields.
Inventory Management Convert multiple products into final goods. Keep track of both raw materials and finished goods. Ensure your inventory can be audited and ensure proper weight and dosage has been recorded. If inventory levels run low, ensure purchase orders can be sent at the right time to avoid shortages.
Supply Chain Management Track transportation manifests that keeps strict note of the cargo for any regulatory review.
Dispensary POS Process sales through in-person transactions, online ordering, and more. Store customer profiles with patient ID’s and any referrals. Monitor the frequency of visits and purchase history. Provides discount and loyalty programs. Establish purchase order limits to comply with state law.

Benefits of Seed-to-Sale Software

Some of the top benefits of seed to sale software include:

Custom Workflows

Different plant by-products will include varying weights and vary in product quality. Ensure you have multiple data collection points to check in on your product during the cultivation process.

Ensure Compliance With Laws and Safety Measures

In order to ensure states and municipalities are receiving the information they need and that your business is paying any taxes and fees necessary, seed to sale software will ensure you are maintaining compliance.

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One solution, MJ Freeway, provides customer status capabilities which evaluates any prescriptions needed to complete transactions. It also keeps a record of purchases for proper reporting to remain in compliance with any local or state laws.

The patient record status in MJ Freeway.

Avoid fines and stay legal

Given strict regulations in the production of cannabis, you’ll want to ensure your workers are staying on course and not committing any senseless infractions that could lead to unnecessary legal trouble. The product will need to be handled with as much care as any other pharmaceutical, and thus comply with as much scrutiny and traceability throughout the production process.

Proper conversions

Cannabis can be manufactured/produced into a number of final products ranging from oil to an edible product. As such, you’ll need to monitor appropriate conversion rates and calculations to ensure you’re not losing out on any valuable product.

Ensure proper nutrition

Plants of all shapes and sizes will need proper nutrients and pesticides to ensure they are growing and on schedule. They will also need a strict diet of water and sunlight. Seed to sale software will allow easy logging of when these nutrients have been given to a select crop of plants.

What Does Your Business Need?

Depending on the size of your business, you may have differing needs than other businesses within the industry:

Start-ups and Small Businesses

At its core, seed to sale systems have a primary focus to ensure compliance. While some software solutions may work great when you are small, and industry-neutral software options may be able to handle your manufacturing, distribution, inventory, etc., businesses starting out will want to look at finding a software vendor that has experience implementing their solution for a cannabis-based company. Otherwise, you will find yourself falling behind the competition and eager to go back on the market for software.

Mid-sized Operations

As your client base grows and your employee count starts to rise, you’ll need to consider having a solution that is scalable. Companies of this size need to determine where they land in the seed to sale process: Are they primarily a cultivator? Do they handle processing and manufacturing? Are they a dispensary dealing with point-of-sale issues? Even if your company is a combination, focusing on your more successful areas and ensuring the primary cannabis ERP solution you use can handle your

Large Enterprises

Larger operations will handle vertical operations and manage a true seed to sale process from cannabis cultivation, to processing, to distribution, and to sale. As such, they’ll require the use of a cannabis ERP solution that can provide them with the full suite of supply chain management, manufacturing management, and accounting.

Localized Compliance with Seed-to-Sale Software

States that have full legalization of marijuana such as California and Colorado use compliance tracking software solutions specific to the seed to sale industry, such as Metrc. Metrc ensures compliance with specific states’ regulations that govern the growth, distribution, processing, and overall sale tracking of cannabis products.

Metrc can keep a close watch at transfers coming in and out of a business. This is used to ensure regulatory compliance needs are kept up with, such as a strict record of who is driving a shipment, their vehicle info, how many stops they made, and how much cargo they had on board.

Metrc showing outgoing transfers.

Objectives of Metrc
  • Safety and Regulation
  • Central Monitoring
  • Data Analysis
  • Privacy Between Businesses
  • Online Tracking Network

Metrc itself operates as a regulatory cannabis inventory accounting software used by the Marijuana Enforcement Division, which is an arm of the Colorado Department of Revenue to manage the enforcement of marijuana laws. It’s expanded to be a solution available for anyone in need of monitoring cannabis production from seed to sale.

This chart from Marijuana Business Daily shows the current states that have awarded a seed to sale contract and the respective solution they decided on.

Metrc is utilized by 16 states for their marijuana compliance tracking. Other software solutions such as BioTrack from Helix Technoloies, Leaf Data Systems, Agrisoft from Kind Financial. Businesses who use the same software as their state’s enforcement division can be assured that their business can be covered by any audits that may be conducted by their state’s enforcement division.

Canadian Compliance

Medical cannabis has been legalized in Canada since the early 2000s under the ACMPR, which stands for the Access to Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes Regulations. These rules govern the use and authorization of medical marijuana across Canada.

The recent passage of the Cannabis Act in Canada should result in a spike of companies flooding the market to sell recreational marijuana, which means more companies will require compliance capabilities.

Software options such as Ample Organics allow you to track and report directly within the program to stay in line with any reporting requirements set forth by the Cannabis Act and ACMPR.

Is QuickBooks a Seed to Sale Software?

QuickBooks will suffice to handle most small business accounting. However, growing businesses in the marijuana industry will realize that QuickBooks is not a long-term fit for the unique challenges in accounting for a scheduled drug. It also may not track your operations as efficiently as you like.

Some seed to sale software may provide you with the needed manufacturing and supply chain functionalities, but lack the accounting needed to become a “fully integrated option”. These type of seed to sale software options may suggest the use of entry-level packages such as QuickBooks Pro or Sage 50c.

The most important question you’ll want to ask about the software you’re considering is, “Will my financials be covered?” If so, you’re looking at an ERP. If not, the software vendor can typically recommend the accounting solution that will work best with (or alongside) their software.

Technology Trends Managed By Seed-to-Sale Software

  • Rapidly growing industry. The legal marijuana industry can include anything from hemp products, THC baked goods, CBD oils, or the flower plant itself. The industry has grown to $10.4 billion in the US in 2018 and employs more than 250,000 people.
  • Vertical Integration. This level of involvement occurs when the supply chain of a company is owned by that company. In the cannabis industry, the combination of complex regulatory issues prompts cannabis businesses to establish vertical value chains. This means cultivators may also look into opening up dispensaries or adult-use venues, so their product can go from farm, to cultivation, to processing, and to sale.
  • Specialty accounting professionals. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, accountants are learning how to properly work in this line of business and ensure companies are receiving whatever tax breaks possible. Entire firms are being created with the sole purpose of handling marijuana-based businesses.

Pain Points

  • Almost half (47.4%) of hemp cultivators see “finding processors” as their biggest challenge. Prior to the 2018 Farm Bill being signed, cultivators of hemp and other marijuana products found the biggest business challenges that had a direct impact on their operations were finding processors, a lack of banking services, and finding seeds or clones. However, with the passage of the Farm Bill, investment capital and low-interest loans have been made available to cultivators. It also lets growers ship their crop across state lines to a location that may have a larger pool of licensed processors.
  • There’s a real potential for higher taxes. Given marijuana’s illegal status under federal law, the IRS says that no deduction or credit will be allowed for businesses who incur expenses in relation to trafficking in controlled substances prohibited by federal law. The normal tax breaks and incentives businesses receive will be disallowed, which means most cannabis-related business will pay more taxes then if they had been able to deduct the expenses they incurred in the normal course of business.

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Best Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Tracking Software

Upkeeping your marijuana products is like a farmer tending his many crops. You want to produce high-quality plants to keep your clientele coming back for more or your business will collapse and rot like unattended plants. You’re probably wondering if there’s a solution to help you manage the cultivation and allocation of your cannabis-based products to customers. In a word: Yes. It’s seed-to-sale software, a type of manufacturing ERP software that manages your cannabis from the early planting stages to distribution.

It’s apparent the legalized marijuana industry isn’t going away anytime soon. According to MarketsandMarkets, the cannabis market will reach $90.4 billion by 2026. So why not invest in a proper cannabis ERP software? Our distinguished research team worked hard to compile this intricate list of the best seed-to-sale software. We highly recommend you peruse our sections to learn about this type of software, its benefits and some of the typical tools found within this type of solution before jumping into our list.

Table of Contents


As mentioned above, seed-to-sale software is a type of cannabis software that manages the marijuana supply chain from growing to allocation at various dispensaries. This type of application also lays out complete processes licensed operators should follow to track their cannabis inventory and stay compliant with local and nationally established regulations. There are also integrated seed-to-sale or cannabis software leveraged for plant tracking, inventory control, sales information and real-time reporting compliance for stateside monitoring platforms. Chances are, if the software isn’t integrated, then it’s not automatically delivering compliance information as you enter data into your applications.

Primary Benefits

Cannabis ERP systems come with a string of benefits for each stage of managing your marijuana products.

To Cultivators

Cultivators have perks when it comes to growing and maintaining their stock of cannabis plants. A seed-to-sale tracking system’s advantages include:

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    Watching and studying harvest data to catch bottlenecks and enhance yields.

To Manufacturers

Seed-to-sale reviews say manufacturers gain thorough advantages in their marijuana processing and manufacturing practices. The benefits cannabis grow software provide include:

  • Converting products into one or several by-products like plants into oils or oils into edibles with ease while keeping a thorough chain of custody that logs cost-per-gram calculations, alerts and recalls.
  • Building invoices and purchase orders for archiving and protected compliant business operations.
  • Labeling your inventory with key product information such as ingredients, potency results, expiration dates and even bolts products that reach or exceed their expiration dates.

To Retailers

According to a comparison of seed-to-sale software, cannabis dispensaries and retailers gain some perks from these solutions. These perks are:

  • Effortlessly initiating discounts and loyalty campaigns for customers in reference to dates, merchandise, times, brands and more.
  • Establishing purchase limits based on type and equivalency so you stay aligned with regulations and never over dispense patients or customers.
  • Drafting customer profiles to maintain them like regulars by recording special and medical preferences, purchase history, rewards points, birthdays, etc.

Key Features

Like snowflakes, no two seed-to-sale software are exactly the same. Each comes with its own unique modules and extensions. However, there are some common features to keep an eye on.

  • Cultivation Management: An epitome cultivation management accessory on a Cannabis growing software oversees the growing process of your cannabis as well as the ability to track the location of any plant for easy navigation.
  • Manufacturing Management: This module supervises your manufacturing processes from uprooting to fine-tuning and everything in-between.
  • Distribution Management: An exemplar distribution management feature can take and formulate orders with real-time inventory feeds and even automate order fulfillment operations.
  • Retail Management: It’s possible for you to check gross profit, revenue, budtender performance, labor costs, on-hand stock and more with a handy retail component.
  • Inventory Management: An ideal inventory management tool can allocate exclusive ID and barcode numbers for your various types of cannabis as well as chronicle all of your inventory.

Remember to choose solutions and features that best mesh with your manufacturing and cannabis practices. If you need more requirements or features, review our adjustable template or detailed article.

Best Seed-to-Sale Software

Now that you’ve gathered a thorough outline of the features and requirements needed, it’s time to browse our picks of the best seed-to-sale software around.

MJ Platform

MJ Platform is a cloud-based solution tailored to the cannabis industry’s cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and delivery teams. Thanks to its mobile-friendly interface, you gain complete transparency of your products, customers, employees and vendors 24/7.

A preview of MJ Platform’s plant forecasting module.

Key Advantages

This solution has several advantages that set it apart from its competitors.

  • Business Intelligence (BI): Obtain real-time information via data visualizations to gauge trends and formulate improved estimates.
  • Globalization and Localization: Garner data from various locations and perform multi-currency transactions with ease.
  • Customer Integration: Permit platform partners to request API access to produce tailored integrations.
  • Third-Party Integration: Merge this software with other programs for accounting, cultivation, HR, payroll, CRM and more.
  • Customizable Loyalty Programs: Utilize the point-of-sale (POS) system to document data for users to develop customizable discounts and loyalty programs to reward patrons.
  • Role-Based Training: Implement role-based recorded training for all roles within the company.
Oversee Growth Procedures

Through the cultivation management accessory, it’s feasible for you to manage your growing operations across all of your worksites. This accessory enables you to track the precise whereabouts of each plant, which of your staff members have interacted with a particular plant during its lifecycle and how each portion of the marijuana plant was used or discarded. This feature also plans every stage of the hemp cultivation operation such as bending and securing, topping, FIMing (a particular pruning or trimming practice used on cannabis plants during their growth stage to train them to grow more of its valuable compounds), cloning, fertilization, harvesting, drying and curing. You can also initiate the tracking of nutrient mixes by plant grouping to follow the costs of goods, review the plant and product growing procedures and implement business intelligence to evaluate cultivation reports.

Administer Manufacturing Processes

It’s conceivable for cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) manufacturers to supervise every facet of their materials and vendors in one place because of MJ Platform’s manufacturing management accessory. Incorporated seed-to-sale tracking functions notify you about the amount and location of every factor of the supply chain. Thanks to this cannabis grow software, you are also able to:

  • Trace costs by day, hour, method, employee, product line and square foot
  • Construct reminders for supply re-orders
  • Estimate future sales to serve their clients with more products
  • Administer vendors and gain access to their product’s sell-through insights
Stay on Top of Distribution

Distributors may control costs, manage inventory circulation and furnish more of the client’s requested products on shelves with the distribution management tool. You receive real-time visualizations and analytic extensions to understand past, present and projected performances of a distributor as well as:

  • Overlook sales and inventory
  • Track shipments and deliveries
  • Gain marketing insights in three scopes: real-time, past trends and predictive futures
  • Determine future estimates for customer traffic and sales
Gain Clear Visibility of Revenue

MJ Platform’s retail management module administers all of the retail operations as well as assist marijuana dispensaries in receiving a clear picture of things like:

  • Gross profit and revenue
  • Budtender performance
  • On-hand inventory
  • Labor costs
  • Future estimations of customer traffic and sales

This tool employs historical data of customer purchase history and traffic patterns to formulate forthcoming merchandise trends. You may watch inventory levels by individual shops or in all locations at once as well as utilize the point-of-sale (POS) application to oversee inventory, incoming sales, customer base and compliances. The POS program can also aid in creating personalized discount offers, coupons, loyalty programs and customer tiers to extend rewards to their top patients or customers.

Additional Accessories

MJ Platform has most of the common accessories, but there are additional tools to streamline your cannabis operations. These tools include:

  • Team Management: This module enables you to surveil the quality and performance of your team by assigning and planning tasks.
  • Delivery Management: Establish schedules, develop delivery routes, watch everything that occurs in delivery services, implement OnFleet integrations, use real-time data to manage inventory and revenue, supervise fleet and labor and calculate potential future inventory requirements with this accessory.
  • Compliance Management: This feature stashes cannabis company information and shares the statistics with regulators who are requesting audits as well as send warnings to you when your compliance is in jeopardy.
  • Collaboration: Communications tools follow orders, invoices, payments, statuses and send re-ordering alerts and invoice reminders thanks to the collaboration feature.

Like most ERPs, this program has a few limitations. These drawbacks include:

  • Not offering a free trial.
  • Lacks applications for iOS and Android devices.

Company Size Suitability: S M L

Viridian Sciences

Viridian Sciences is a cloud-based software that caters to cannabis businesses of all sizes, cannabis and hemp producers, processes, distributors and retailers. It manages everything from sales and customer relationships to operations and financials.

An example of Viridian Science’s demand forecasting accessory.

Key Advantages

Viridian Sciences offers several differentiators that separate it from its competitors.

  • HR Management: Track training, contracts, reviews, performance and other attributes more efficiently.
  • Farm Equipment Management: Track cultivation equipment and hemp processing with financial and usage tools for everything from tractors to bud sorters and trimmers, among others.
  • Quality Control Management: Trace every attribute of your goods such as microbiological, nutrients, moisture, potency, contaminants, etc.
  • CRM: Build and administer personal business relationships and agreements with vendors. Allocate retailer access to the CRM module to create a knowledge base that details how to serve clients.
  • Financials and Tax Reporting: Merge Viridian Sciences with SAP Business One for optimal financial tracking, evaluation and tax reporting.
  • Third-Party eCommerce Integration: Allow users to merge with third-party eCommerce programs such as Irish Titan, Code, Navigator and more.
Map Out the Growth Process

You are able to record and monitor every stage of the seed-to-sale process by mapping each cannabis plant’s growth requirements such as space, water, light and fertilizer with the help of the cultivation management module. It tracks crucial information for each stage of the plant’s lifecycle, predicts the completion of growth and allows growers to set estimated goals while employing grades during harvesting, drying and curing. This tool also integrates with barcode scanners, digital scales and label printers.

Adapt to All Manufacturing Processes

The manufacturing management accessory can handle all types of production practices and steps. It streamlines the following manufacturing elements:

  • Materials resource planning (MRP)
  • Production orders
  • Quality control
  • Real-time analytics and reporting

When this tool combines with SAP Business One’s crystal reports, you are able to build specialized labels of products including patient information, barcodes and more. This tool enables manufacturers to monitor forecasted and actual cannabis quantities resulting from item production or adjust batches and processed items as well as expected completion times. You are also permitted to create estimated item usage with SAP’s statistical engine application for new ingredients such as tactical ordering forecast, procurement forecasting, replenishment management and scheduling agreements.

Aids in Every Facet of Distribution

Distributors can supervise their supply chain with replenishment rules, stock levels and seasonal adjustments in their workflows to chronicle vendors, supplies, products and pricing history with the distribution management feature. This tool also implements demand organization extensions to predict customer purchases and costs by utilizing historical data and administering long-term contracts with vendors and customers. It’s possible to execute automated order fulfillment techniques with zones and locators to produce cannabis distribution trip reports.

Arrange and Record Retail Information

Viridian Sciences’ retail management assists retailers in overviewing and recording customer profiles, reporting, employee performance, inventory and in-store marketing among other things. It’s equipped with a POS platform that includes a customer portal for full clarity of customer transactions and product information. The POS function is available on computers and mobile devices to assist retailers with several methods of operations such as:

  • Crafting orders, invoices and shipments
  • Following all merchandise and items
  • Keeping a knowledge base of information to aid clientele
  • Supervising marketing campaigns
  • Preserving a complete audit trail

This tool can establish customer profiles, adjust buy online and pick up in-store (BOPIS) controls, modify labels and receipts to cooperate with local regulations, draft dashboards and documents to evaluate crucial business KPIs, estimate trends with inventory coverage and more. The POS element allocates the supplied tax, purchase limits and discounts to the ideal customer groups and immediately informs you if a regulated transaction limit has been surpassed. This element also coheres with barcode scanners, ID scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers.

Additional Accessories

Since Viridian Sciences offers most of the common modules found in a seed-to-sale CRM software, there are a few more features worth mentioning. These features include:

  • Hemp Tracking and Management: It’s practical for you to track and manage the entire hemp operation with this tool. It also comes with extra functions such as:
    • Cultivation Management: This function tracks marijuana inventory, soil conditions, irrigation, nutrients, pesticides, foliar sprays, labor hours, equipment and other elements to streamline production. It also takes notes of costs.
    • Seed-to-Sale Tracking: Tag and track seeding, specific plants and crops, harvesting, curing, processing, lab testing, distribution and retail sales with this extension.
    • Costing and Valuation: This function performs ciphers of actual costs and values of particular plants.
    • Processing and Extraction: Track every data point in conjunction with the processing and extraction operations when handling raw hemp for fiber or seeds, essential oils, concentrates and more with this element.
    • Crop Cycle Management: Deposit data related to various marijuana crops to pinpoint the correct differences to get higher yields thanks to this function.
    • Inventory Management: This extension contains inventory tracking tools to manage batch inventory or the inventory of final products.
    • Vendor Relationship Management: You’re able to employ built-in customer relationship management (CRM) accessories with this function to draft and supervise personal business relationships and contracts with vendors with this element.
    • Compliance Reporting: This function works with a team of Viridian Sciences researchers that work with government legislators to guarantee compliance is maintained.
    • Lacking free trials.
    • Lacking apps for iOS and Android devices.

    Company Size Suitability: S M L


    Another cloud-based seed-to-sale CRM solution preferable for companies of all sizes, Trellis is hosted on Amazon Web Servers (AWS) to dwindle the need to preserve private servers by clients. It’s used by several American and international vendors.

    A preview of Trellis.

    Key Advantages

    This program has various advantages that differentiate it from its competitors.

    • Quality Control Management: Create inventory samples for lab testing or retention. Note test results for particular inventory goods.
    • Workflow Management: Customize the platform according to internal business practices, company standards, workplaces and employee access levels.
    • Disposal Tracking: Create disposable IDs and quarantines and dispose of waste effortlessly.
    • Activity Log: Receive auditable and time-stamped activity logs to track all user activities.
    • Purchasing Management: Condense user transactions and draft adjustable purchase orders for vendors, administer taxes and perform real-time inventory tracking.
    • Packaging Management: Break down your stock into packable units and create regulatory packaging labels.
    • Third-Party Integration: Sync Trellis with Metic and QuickBooks Online to streamline your procurement and accounting operations.
    Identify Plants for Each Phase of Cultivation

    Trellis’ cultivation management module enables you to direct every cannabis plant and batch across cultivation operations such as propagation, vegetation and flowering stages. There are a series of methods this cannabis tracking software enacts to streamline cultivation such as:

    • Formulating different IDs for plants, batches, harvests and finished products in inventory.
    • Hound plants around every phase of the cultivation and harvesting facet by stage, room, batch or strain.
    • Input wet, dry, trim and cure weights through the harvesting stage.
    • Surveil yield per plant or batch.
    • Evaluate mortality rates and average ages of marijuana plants.
    • Determine moisture loss.
    • Track mother plants and clones as well as the efficiency of trimmers.
    • Calculate critical data and upload it into state track and trace systems like marijuana enforcement tracking reporting compliance (METRC) from within the software.
    Tail Manufacturing Outputs

    It’s conceivable for you to manage every aspect of the manufacturing process such as extraction, refinement and completion with the manufacturing management module. It also enables you to construct a list of the manufacturing procedures your facilities implement. It’s plausible for you to monitor input sources, runs and outputs of each extraction practice and craft new tailored IDs for each output. This accessory can hound the parameters of all runs to recognize patterns, compute the sum of the bill of materials (BOM) to determine the cost per gram of each product and surveil waste products like spent trim and report on the yield per process. You are also able to initiate standard opening procedures (SOPs) for every operation like BOM and tasks delegated to employees.

    Keep Up with Customer and Distributor Information

    The distribution management accessory permits you to manage wholesale customer accounts and formulate live inventory feeds. It’s feasible for you to compose customer profiles and attach licenses and other documents to them, transcribe clientele interactions and look over previous purchases. This feature can promptly invent new purchase orders, invoices, order manifests and packaging labels as well as watch order stages such as approval, fulfillment and delivery.

    Tend to Inventory During All Operations

    Trellis’ inventory management trait can create and govern inventory amid every operation and worksite. You’re capable of manifesting specialized IDs and printable barcodes for all of your inventory items. The platform also protects your whole chain of custody records with two-factor authorizations and permission-based user pages. It conceives unique notes for all of your barcode labels.

    Leverage Analytics and Customized Reports

    Thanks to the real-time dashboards and custom query reports, you’ll recognize analytical trends and enhance procedure metrics in cultivation, manufacturing and sales including cost per gram, composition and age of inventory, plants by stage and mortality rates, sales by customer, stock keeping units (SKUs), etc. Custom reports can be made throughout your active or closed inventory, orders, trimmer efficiency, transfer logs and yields.


    Although Trellis offers various benefits and features, it comes with a few drawbacks. These limitations include:

    • Lacking apps for Android and iOS devices.
    • Not providing embedded inventory audits.

    Company Size Suitability: S M L


    BioTrack is a cloud-based software that caters to American and international markets such as Australia, Canada, Jamaica and South America. It ensures companies stay compliant to their jurisdiction’s cannabis standards including METRC.

    An example of BioTrack’s wholesale module.

    Key Advantages
    • Government Solutions: The cannabis and hemp traceability solution offers tracking and reporting modules to help state and local governments enforce standards, tax collections, product quality verifications and illegal cannabis diversions and inversions.
    • BI: Garner cannabis analytics information and business data to create automatic daily reports to assist users in making wiser business choices.
    • White-Labeling: Draft custom labels to add various information such as company logos, contact information and more.
    • Custom Workflow: Align special cannabis business needs with product lifecycles and maintain ideal operating protocols.
    • On-Site Assistance: Manage on-site assistance from BioTrack field experts for all licensed cannabis businesses while evaluating cultivation yields, streamlining retail inventory and leveraging custom workflows throughout the company.
    • Wholesale Marketplace: Employ Helix Exchange, an electronic and compliance marketplace, for buying, selling and tracking wholesale marijuana transactions, including all forms of THC, hemp and CBD products.
    • Data Security: Leverage diverse accessories such as two-factor authentication, password encryption, timeouts from inactivity, database encryptions and more.
    Upkeep Plants and Compliance

    Thanks to the cultivation management accessory, you are permitted to watch plants while staying compliant with regulations and utilize modules to modify workflows, leverage yields and optimize productivity. This module also allows you to:

    • Supervise and scrutinize harvest data
    • Oversee nutrients and pesticides added to each marijuana plant with strain notes to elaborate light and watering cycles and investigate past harvest data to boost future yields.
    • Initiate automatic reminders for teams to watch watering schedules, or nutrient and pesticide administrations.
    • Document and track crossbreeding and plant genetics together with monitoring clone potency results.
    • Devise custom workflows to advocate the weighing of multiple plant by-products (i.e., wet and dry) and various data collection points such as the ability to grade product quality marijuana upon curing.
    Manufacture Single or Multiple By-Products

    BioTrack’s manufacturing management module chronicles essential data for compliance and instantly ports necessary information for product labels. It’s possible for you to transform products into single or several by-products while tending to a thorough chain of custody, capturing cost-per-gram computations and product alerts including recalls. This accessory drafts, sends and saves compliant transportation manifests with notes on the vehicle, driver and cargo held for regulation reviews in addition to adding product details to inventory items or print information promptly on the labels such as ingredients, potency, results, expiration dates and others. You are able to wholesale varying product types, record transactions and produce invoices and purchase orders.

    Keep an Eye on Online Orders

    Manage online orders, customers, real-time discounts, loyalty programs, automatic data entries, purchase limits and more with the retail management accessory and POS extension. This module permits you to produce customer profiles to hold records of particular and medical preferences, purchase history and rewards points among others as well as promptly manages purchase limits of customers based on type and equivalency to keep compliance. You have the ability to install discounts based on date, time, product, brand and more. This capability also allows you to email and text movements in accordance with your clientele’s purchase behavior. This functionality can apply CRM tools to reward loyal customers and referrals while also utilizing digital menus that showcase real-time inventory data.

    Lastly, initiate prompt data entry with integrated external hardware like scales, printers, terminals, labels, barcode scanners and more and even leverage the BI tool to make wise business choices.

    Track Cannabis to the Exact Milligram

    You have the power to maintain visibility into and govern batches of marijuana plants to the exact milligram and audit your whole inventory with the inventory management module. This tool is national type evaluation program (NTEP)-approved with certified systems that view your entire stock to respond to compliance requirements in all states.

    Create Custom Reports

    The custom reports module provides a structured query language (SQL)-friendly report builder to customize proprietary reports. You are able to choose from more than 100 customizable report templates with a drag-and-drop interface or send requests to BioTrack experts to construct tailored reports. These reports can be exported as CSV, PDF, or HTML files.


    BioTrack offers various tools to meet your seed-to-sale needs. However, it comes with a few limitations such as:

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