Cannabis Seed Bank Paypal

There are many online guides on navigating PayPal's agreements, so you can buy cannabis seeds with PayPal without issues with your account. Looking For Seed Banks That Accept PayPal? Click here to find out why it's hard to find any and which seed banks take paypal. Seed banks are a huge platform. Discover which major seed banks accept PayPal in 2021.

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds with PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular ways to purchase products online. It’s fast becoming the alternative to using credit cards and debit payments. When you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal, some great benefits make it convenient and secure for customers. Firstly, setting up a new PayPal account is as easy as setting up a new email address. It only takes a few minutes. Unlike opening a bank account or applying for a credit card, PayPal doesn’t require visiting a financial institution or setting.

Below is a pretty comprehensive list of the popular seeds banks across the globe.

Best Overall I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)
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New Seed Bank WeedSeedsExpress
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Best Seed Prices Seedsman
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Best in Canada Crop King Seeds (CKS)
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Best in EU and UK Herbies Seeds
*Free seed on every $20 Spent
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Best Canada Distributor Rocket Seeds
*10 Free Seeds on Order > $420
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7th Sensi Seeds
-25% Off on Selected Seeds
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8th Sonoma Seeds Shop Seeds
9th Beaver Seeds Shop Seeds
10th MSNL Shop Seeds
11th SunWest Genetics Shop Seeds
12th Mary Jane’s Garden Shop Seeds
13th MJ Seeds Canada Shop Seeds
14th True North Seed Bank Shop Seeds
15th Quebec Cannabis Seeds Shop Seeds
Best in Spain Ministry of Cannabis Shop Seeds

Setting up Your PayPal Account

Before you set up a new PayPal to make your purchase, you’ll need an active email and bank account. Your email will be the username or login for your PayPal, and the bank account will be linked to your PayPal so that you can quickly transfer money in or out of the account to make payments. There are a few simple steps needed to set up your account and get things started, so you can successfully buy cannabis seed with PayPal:

  • The main page of PayPal offers the option to register an account
  • Choose an email as your username, then a password
  • You’ll have the option to link a credit card, bank account, and a Visa credit or debit card.
  • To confirm linking your PayPal account with your bank or credit card, a small amount will be charged, with a code in the description of your statement, which is used to verify your PayPal. This is a simple process that usually takes effect within a day.
  • When you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal, the money for the purchase will be taken from the money directly from your PayPal balance or an account linked to your PayPal. You can set priority accounts or cards where the money will be withdrawn for the purchase.

Buy Cannabis Seeds with PayPal and with Discretion

One of the most prominent features for customers who choose to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal is making purchases anonymously. It’s easy to use, with a single account where all you need is a username and a password to make a payment. You don’t need to share specific account information for your bank or credit card. Your PayPal account is already set up to withdraw funds from your current balance on the account or from any accounts that you have linked to it.

When you purchase with PayPal, no record of your transaction will appear on your bank statement so that you can buy cannabis seeds with PayPal without any record of the product. If a transaction is made through PayPal by withdrawing the funds from a linked credit card or bank account, there won’t be any description of the seed company or product purchased on your statement. Although purchasing cannabis seeds is legal in many countries and regions, many people prefer to keep these transactions private.

PayPal is a Secure Option

When you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal, you’ll enjoy another layer of security to your shopping experience. PayPal keeps all your financial information safe and confidential from merchants and shops so that your only interaction online financially is done between PayPal and the cannabis shop. PayPal functions like any other financial company and carefully monitors your account to ensure it is secure and private. Any suspicious activity occurring on the account may result in a temporary hold on the funds until they can alert you to confirm if the activity is authorized.

PayPal offers a two-stage verification option that allows another layer of security when you sign in to your account. Many bank accounts and financial companies offer this option as well, which further protects your funds. PayPal’s customer service support will investigate any unauthorized payments or transfers of funds when there’s a disputed transaction or activity on the account. Many cannabis buyers find PayPal a great option, as they do not have to risk providing banking or credit card information.

Since the company began, PayPal has developed to provide one of the most secure platforms for online payment over the years. The company acts as a gatekeeper for all your account information so that any merchant you purchase from won’t have access to your financial data or history. In this way, it’s easy and safe to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal.

The Advantages of PayPal to Purchase Cannabis Online

There are many great reasons to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal. To begin, it’s simple to set up an account, and no credit history is needed. You’ll find it easy to add a bank account or credit card, so you can link one or more ways to transfer funds into your PayPal account. When you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal, you’ll have the option to select PayPal as one of the payment methods, in addition to credit, debit, along with other options. Many people find PayPal is easy to use, as all your information is securely saved and stored, so you don’t have to enter any additional details other than signing in with your username, password, and any two-step verification set up.

There are some excellent benefits to using this payment option to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal:

  • PayPal offers a mobile app, which operates much like your bank account, Apple pay, or Google pay, only it’s much more manageable. You don’t have to open a browser or use your computer to access PayPal, as the app is simple to download and use.
  • When you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal, you may have the option of accessing discounts and coupons. Sometimes, a merchant or company may offer a special for PayPal purchases to encourage this payment method or offer a discount or reward points towards your next purchase.
  • PayPal protects its customers. If a company doesn’t deliver the product you ordered and file a dispute, PayPal will support and fight on your behalf to retrieve the funds or get the service or product you ordered. This protection is essential when you’re buying from a small, lesser-known seed bank or cannabis company.
  • There are many ways to fund PayPal, from banks, credit unions, and finance companies to credit cards and direct transfers from other PayPal accounts.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using PayPal?

While the option to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal is ideal when it’s an option with the merchant, some complex and legal reasons may not always be available. For this reason, PayPal can be challenging to use, as some seed banks may not accept this company as a payment option. This occurs due to PayPal’s user policy and agreement, which may not accept payments for products labeled or categorized as “narcotics, ” including marijuana and cannabis seeds.

Since PayPal doesn’t always track what each payment is for and doesn’t have adequate ability to track down the purpose of every transaction or what each payment is for, some seed banks consider PayPal a worthwhile risk and have since included it as a payment option. There may be added charges, which makes PayPal an expensive transaction processor. For this reason, some seed banks avoid it altogether.

Cannabis Seed Banks that Accept PayPal

The option to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal is not always available with seed companies. Many large, international seed banks do not want to risk the possibility that their funds may be shut down or frozen due to accept PayPal payments. ILGM (ILoveGrowingMarijuana) and Seedsman are examples of two companies that do not accept PayPal for this reason. However, they offer many other payment options, including debit, credit, money transfers, and Bitcoin.

If you’re adamant about purchasing cannabis seeds with PayPal, and if this is your primary payment method, there are some reputable cannabis companies where you can safely purchase your PayPal account.

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Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is one of the top seed bank companies and a great option to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal. They offer excellent quality products, including a wide range of strains, excellent customer service, and all orders are shipped worldwide, so you can use PayPal to buy your order without any reservations. Crop King Seeds is an established company with a solid reputation for high-quality products and services.

The company’s website is easy to navigate and makes the payment option selection easy when you’re ready to make a purchase. When you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal, you’ll have the option of choosing this payment choice once you’re using the checkout feature to pay for your cart items. Once the order is processed, you’ll receive an email confirmation and order number so that you can track your order anytime.

Crop King Seeds is listed as one of the top international companies on the Best Seed Banks list, making a choice easy when you need a merchant that accepts PayPal. While this is the leading company that accepts PayPal for cannabis seeds and remains one of the best for quality and standards, more companies in the industry will likely have the same offer.

Weed Crew

Another cannabis seed company that accepts PayPal is Weed Crew. Before you buy from this vendor, they require that you contact them directly by email or phone to arrange to make the PayPal purchase discreetly so that the transfer of funds displays as a family or friend exchange. This carefully planned-out method ensures that PayPal will not flag your transaction, nor will your account be suspended (or the vendor’s account).

Small Cannabis Seed Shops

Many smaller stores and shops allow you to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal, though they go to great lengths to maintain high discretion to ensure the payments are not flagged. While PayPal is a safe option and would be embraced more by seed banks, its user agreement and rules make it challenging, as it becomes risky to do business using PayPal as the payment processor.

While PayPal offers support to customers who do not receive an order or service, they may be hesitant or refuse to investigate any claims that involve the purchase of cannabis or marijuana-related products. If you request their assistance, they may freeze or suspend your account, and this may also have similar consequences for the vendor’s account and company’s status. For this reason, some companies take caution when customers request to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal.

The Legal Implications When You Buy Cannabis Seeds with PayPal

When you choose to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal, you’ll find a few quality seed banks to make your online purchase. In most cases, the major international companies accept bank transfers, debit, credit, cash payments, and Bitcoin. PayPal is also an option, though due to some strict legal guidelines and user agreements, many cannabis seed companies may avoid using them.

While PayPal is a very secure and well-trusted payment option online, there are not many seed banks that accept this payment method due to the company’s strict rules on what they accept when selling and buying goods online. Cannabis products are not consistently legal worldwide, which can make the process of using PayPal and following the company’s guidelines complex. Some seed companies may not want to risk doing business through PayPal, as the company may review the cannabis business’ sites to validate their legitimacy and ensure that the customer is purchasing from a secure website.

Due to current laws, including the federal Controlled Substances Act, and the risk banks and financial institutions are unwilling to take when it involves marijuana and related products. In addition to not approving financial support or loans for cannabis businesses, they may also refuse payments, even from third parties connected to the cannabis industry. Many financial companies will state that they do not accept payments from organizations or institutions involved in banned activities, including any activities or businesses that include cannabis.

Suppose a financial organization conducts any business that involves cannabis or related products and services. In that case, there is a risk that they may be caught by the FDIC or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which most banks and institutions are not going to take, even where a reputable company is involved. For this reason, many companies won’t include the option to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal.

On a global level, the legal implications for purchasing and using cannabis and related products vary enormously. For this reason, there is always a risk that financial companies take when a customer uses PayPal or any payment processing service or bank to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal and other methods. Bitcoin has recently become one of the fastest-growing payment options for many seed companies due to the anonymous nature of this transaction and its increasing availability.

Choosing Reputable Companies to Buy Cannabis Seeds with PayPal

When you search for seed banks online, you’ll find many companies with seemingly unlimited cannabis seeds, and related products, though not all businesses are reputable and may not follow through with the order purchased. Unfortunately, this is a serious issue with many small and moderately-sized cannabis seed bank companies that either send poor quality seeds or do not send any product following receipt of your payment.

It’s essential to research and review any company you’re considering purchasing from, and this includes choosing a reputable company to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal. Crop King Seeds offers exceptional products and service, with thousands of excellent reviews and positive ratings, while offering PayPal as an option.

The Reasons Why Some Seed Banks don’t Support Transactions to Buy Cannabis Seeds with PayPal

Many large seed banks, including smaller companies, do not recognize or accept PayPal as a payment processing option. While it’s a great option to consider when you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal, some seed banks may not accept them because not everyone who buys marijuana can use this payment method. There are close to 30 countries worldwide that do not have access to PayPal, though other means of transactions are available, such as credit card and bank transfers.

Choosing a Seed Bank to Buy Cannabis Seeds with Reputable PayPal

When you search for a company that accepts PayPal, it’s also essential to find a reputable business and offers high-quality cannabis products. One of the quickest ways to determine which seed banks are accredited with PayPal is to inquire with the company directly. PayPal can confirm which seed companies are supported, which will ensure that your account will not be suspended. Realistically, PayPal supports very few cannabis companies and vendors.

Some great websites offer lists of well-researched and reviewed cannabis companies, which include PayPal as an option. There are online social networks specifically designed for cannabis growers that offer advice and recommendations on which companies are worth doing business with, including businesses that offer PayPal. When you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal from a company listed and suggested by an expert grower or business affiliate, you’ll enjoy a higher success rate and fewer issues with your account and transactions.

One significant item of importance is the legal status of cannabis in your country or region. Make sure you understand the laws in your country regarding marijuana and avoid ordering seeds that are not legally permissible where you live. If the company accepts PayPal, there may be issues when processing your payment if you reside in a country where it is illegal or restricted.

Alternatives to Consider when You Can’t Buy Cannabis Seeds with PayPal

Some vendors that do not accept PayPal may offer similar payment options that work in the same way. Skrill is one of the alternatives for buying cannabis seeds, which offers payment processing much like PayPal. Before you consider buying seeds from a vendor, it’s best to check their payment options first, then decide if they have the option that works best for you.

Taking Cautionary Measures When Doing Business with PayPal and Cannabis Companies

While this payment option remains an excellent option for online businesses, the restrictions of processing transactions with cannabis companies present a risk when you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal. Seed banks must rely on discreet methods that do not disclose the nature of the transaction, which can make the processing more accessible, though tricky. Another great option that many seed banks use is Bitcoin, which doesn’t present the same risk, and keeps your information completely confidential and anonymous.

If you’re planning on using PayPal to set up your cannabis purchase, you can arrange that the vendor is listed as a family member, so there’s less suspicion when money is sent to them when you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal. When this arrangement is set up, you may not have the ability to contest any loss or claims that you didn’t receive a product. This applies to the Purchase Protection promise, which doesn’t cover items that violate the company’s policies. When you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal, even discreetly, you’re taking a risk either way.

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Essentially, suppose you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal as a transaction between the vendor, having them listed as a family member. In that case, it’s essential to verify and research the company and ensure they are legitimate and have many positive reviews. Bitcoin is one of the top alternatives for PayPal, similar payment processors, and debit and credit options. Transactions made with Bitcoin do not leave any digital imprints, so your purchase cannot be traced back to you specifically.

Bitcoin is one of the best options for complete anonymity. Paypal and Skrill remain excellent options, significantly when risk is minimized. However, cryptocurrency is ideal for complete privacy so that you won’t be taking any risk, and you can rest assured that no transaction history can be tracked or read on your banking statements.

The Option of Purchasing from Local Cannabis Dispensaries with PayPal

When you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal, you may have the option to buy your product from a local shop or dispensary. This option is an excellent option in countries or regions where cannabis is legal, and there are no ramifications for using any of the standard payment methods. Despite no issues buying cannabis seeds with PayPal legally, the company’s rules and agreements may still impact a seed bank or cannabis company’s account.

Fortunately, when you visit a brick-and-mortar store that sells cannabis seeds, you’ll have the advantage of directly assessing the company’s validity. This isn’t an option for many customers. However, if you have this opportunity, you can purchase by using many options, including cash or a quick transfer of funds with a bank transfer or PayPal transfer that doesn’t indicate the vendor’s name or business details.

The Future of Cannabis Companies and When You Buy Cannabis Seeds with PayPal

Many cannabis companies offer numerous payment options. If you don’t have a credit card or are wary of using a debit card, you can access other methods of payment that are easy and discreet. As the global marijuana industry continues to grow and flourish and more countries legalize and decriminalize its use and purchase, there is hope that companies like PayPal may revise their user agreement to become more inclusive of the cannabis industry.

Aside from the complex rules and legal situations that can arise from using PayPal for cannabis purchases, there are many great reasons to use this option to use them as a purchase option. When you buy cannabis seeds with PayPal, it’s essential to understand the methods and risks involved, so you can arrange the best way to make the payment with your vendor. Some cannabis companies offer guides and instructions on how to navigate around PayPal’s user agreement.

There are many online guides and suggestions on navigating around PayPal’s agreements, so you can safely buy cannabis seeds with PayPal without risking any issues with your account or the vendor’s. Fortunately, there are many new and innovative ways to purchase marijuana safely and discreetly online when the option to buy cannabis seeds with PayPal isn’t available.

Seed Banks That Take PayPal In 2022 (The Full List)

Paypal is one of my favorite payment methods, I use it to pay for everything I buy online.

It’s fast, safe, and convenient.

That’s why I find it so frustrating that most seed banks don’t accept it as a form of payment.

Paypal’s user agreement policy prohibits sellers from receiving payments for “narcotics, steroids, controlled substances, and paraphernalia”. Due to this, the vast majority of seed banks have stopped accepting Paypal as a form of payment.

That said, there are some smaller and more secretive seed banks that may continue to use Paypal.

However, buying from these is not recommended due to legal implications, as well as your own safety.

Keep reading to find out why Paypal has this policy and why you should avoid seed banks that still accept it.

Jump to.

Why Do Many Seed Banks Not Accept Paypal?

Seed banks do not accept Paypal because marijuana is a controlled substance within the USA and in many other countries around the world.

While cannabis seeds are not technically classified as a controlled substance, Paypal chooses to err on the side of caution.

While seed banks may operate for years while using Paypal, a single transaction may be flagged by federal regulators or prosecutors.

Federal agencies have the potential power to freeze payments, shut down accounts, and worse.

Another reason why most seed banks no longer accept Paypal is due to high transaction costs. As of right now, Paypal charges a 2.9% fee, plus an additional $0.30 USD on all transactions. These Paypal transaction fees can even be much higher depending on the country you are in and sending it to.

The combination of high transaction fees and the potential for legal ramifications has forced most seed banks to stop using Paypal.

Why You Should Avoid Paypal When Buying Cannabis Seeds Online.

Even if you find seed banks that accept Paypal, it’s not a good idea to pay using this method.

There are two main reasons why you should avoid using Paypal to purchase cannabis seeds:

1. Your PayPal Account Could Get Shut Down

The main reason to avoid using Paypal to purchase from seed banks is that it may have consequences for your PayPal account.

If the payment is flagged as having been for a prohibited substance that goes against Paypal’s user policy, your account will likely be shut down.

It is unlikely that federal prosecutors will come after you for buying seeds online.

However, to avoid any legal issues, Paypal may flag you and potentially ban you from using their service in the future.

About a year ago, I had a friend who purchased a large number of seeds using Paypal.

His account was flagged and then shut down shortly afterward.

He also never received his seeds in the mail.

Although Paypal does not expressly state that purchasing seeds is prohibited, it appears to be monitored on a case-by-case basis. It is rare for Paypal to take action against buyers, but still possible.

2. Refund Issues

The other reason why Paypal is best avoided for seed bank purchases is due to issues with delivery and quality.

When you pay for your seeds using a method such as a credit card, you are much more secure. If your shipment goes missing or you get substandard products, you can return them and get your money back.

However, if you use Paypal, you will have to go through their moderation system to get your money back. If Paypal figures out that your payment was used for cannabis seeds, they will most likely not assist you in getting your refund.

Is This Likely To Change In The Future?

I do love using Paypal for everything and anything, so it is my hope that seed banks will start accepting it again in the near future. How likely is this to happen though?

The Current Administration

What needs to be said is that the current Republican administration in the USA has taken a very hardline stance against drugs. The current president and his cabinet have done everything in their power to block anything pro-cannabis.

Under the current administration, the stance towards cannabis, and towards using Paypal to pay for seeds and paraphernalia, is unlikely to change. I cannot see the current POTUS changing his mind on the matter.

The SAFE Banking Act

That said, there is a small glimmer of hope for those of us looking to use Paypal to buy cannabis seeds.

It has to do with the recently introduced SAFE Banking Act. The SAFE Banking Act is a piece of legislation which aims to make it illegal for federal prosecutors to go after banking institutions such as Paypal, for dealing with illegal substances.

This is the case as long as the substance in question was purchased in a US State where the substance is legal.

This would mean that federal authorities could not prosecute Paypal for accepting payments for cannabis seeds.

This would make it much safer for seed banks and Paypal to work together, as both parties would not be at risk of facing federal repercussions.

Yet, now, this act has not yet been approved. The current government has taken a hard stance against cannabis, as well as this SAFE Banking Act. Although there is some hope for this act passing in the distant future, the chances now are not great.

What Payment Method Should You Use Instead?

There are a few payment methods which I prefer, both due to security reasons and for refund reasons.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and altcoins are always the go-to payment methods for me.

The reason is that Bitcoin wallets and payments cannot be traced and are very secure.

Most seed banks also offer a generous discount on your order if you pay with bitcoin.

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Check out how easy it is to create a bitcoin account below

Credit Card

Using a credit card to buy from seed banks is always a safe bet. Reputable seed banks have secure payment gateways which keep your financial information safe. Also, if you need a refund for any reason, getting it from your credit card provider is usually no problem.

Debit Card

I am also fine with using debit cards to pay for cannabis seeds. The only difference between using your debit and credit card is paying with existing funds and paying via credit.

Bank Transfers & Money Orders

Depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to pay for seeds using bank transfers, E-transfer, and money orders. These all tend to be very safe and secure payment methods. That said, getting a refund after having paid with any of these methods may be problematic. Most of these methods also come with hefty transaction fees.

Avoid Cash

Although you can take your chances and send cash in the mail, this is not recommended. If your cash goes missing, there will be nothing you can do about it.

I have lost a cash payment in the mail, and have never tried doing so again. If a seed bank is not reputable, they may even receive your cash but refuse to acknowledge it.

Which Seed Bank Should You Use?

You want to buy from reliable seed banks with high trust ratings and a variety of secure payment methods. Here are some of my personal favorites.

Here I have also included a detailed guide that outlines the most reputable seed banks to buy from. You never want to take risks here, especially when it comes to seed banks that are trying to deceive Paypal.

Seed Banks That Take PayPal

In short, any reputable seed bank will not accept PayPal.

So even if you do manage to find seed banks that accept PayPal, I would not recommend purchasing from them.

Seed banks that still accept Paypal run the risk of legal complications.

At the very least, your Paypal account may get shut down.

Also, if you need a refund for your seeds, you won’t be able to request it via PayPal.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

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Seed Banks That Take PayPal – (UPDATED)

One of the qualities of a good seed bank is versatility especially when it comes to payments. Remember, you must only transact business with seed banks that can provide the payment method that you trust and prefer. And when it comes to purchasing seeds online, not all online seed banks use PayPal, one of the most reliable online payment methods that offer secure, safe, and fast transactions.

Let’s find out which seed bank offers PayPal this year and the pros and cons of using this method in this cannabis seeds buying guide.

Cannabis Seed Banks That Accept PayPal Payments

Two top seed banks currently accept PayPal payments, Crop King Seeds and Sun West Genetics.

Crop King Seeds – Editor’s Pick

REMINDER: To proceed with PayPal as your payment option, please contact crop king seeds live chat, email or phone that you want to pay using PayPal.

Crop King Seeds is a cannabis seed bank with headquarters in the U.S. and Canada. This seed bank ships its products to customers located anywhere in the world. Crop King Seeds is known for its large library of cannabis seeds and its easy and fast ordering system. Also, it has a variety of accepted payment methods including PayPal payments. Other methods include major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), Interac E-Transfers for Canadian customers, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Crop King Seeds offers a wide variety of cannabis seeds including autoflowering, regular, feminized, and best-selling medicinal and recreational seeds strains. Deliveries are fast which can take only a few days in Canada and a few weeks when orders are sent abroad.

Sun West Genetics

Sun West Genetics is another seed bank that accepts PayPal payments. This seed bank is from Canada but will ship orders to anywhere around the world. Sun West is popular for their organic seeds and prides in offering only the freshest and easy to germinate seeds online.

Aside from PayPal payments, Sun West Genetics also accepts credit card payments (Visa and MasterCard), Interac E-Transfers for Canadian customers, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Just like Crop King Seeds, expect shipping to just take a few days when orders are made in Canada. Orders abroad will only take a few weeks to arrive.

Advantages of Using PayPal When You Buy Cannabis Seeds

PayPal is one of the most trusted online payments around but it’s not for everyone. Here are the pros and cons of using PayPal to buy cannabis seeds online.

PayPal is Versatile

PayPal is easy to use and is accepted by a wide variety of shops and stores online. It is available in almost all countries plus, adding money to your account is easy to do. You can use your credit card to add money, just link your credit card or debit card to your PayPal account. You can also link your bank account if you don’t have a credit card.

PayPal is Safe

PayPal is safe to use while shopping for cannabis seeds online. When you use PayPal, you don’t need to use your banking and credit card information when you need to pay. There’s so much at risk when you reveal your personal and banking information online; you could lose money if you’re not careful.

When you choose PayPal during checkout, you just select the option and you will be redirected to a PayPal log-in page. Once you have logged in, simply input the amount you need to pay. Sometimes, the amount is already indicated. All that’s left to do is to click “Agree” or “OK” to process your payment.

PayPal Cares About Your Privacy

As mentioned, PayPal is very particular about privacy. You won’t have to worry about making a payment, big or small. PayPal is a trusted site for payments with a solid 22 years of online service. It has around 305 million members as of 2020 with more than 300 markets. It is also available in 25 currencies all over the world.

PayPal is Accessible Anywhere

You can access your PayPal account and pay for anything online wherever you are. You can be in a remote area and still use PayPal for payments. As long as you have a smartphone and mobile internet, you can use PayPal as payment.

PayPal May Offer Special Deals & Discounts

There are times when PayPal offers. You can find these special offers from their site under the “Offers” section. Currently, PayPal has a special $20 off on TurboTax available until October 2021. Other offers are for eBay, Walmart, Champion, Groupon,, Under Armour, and Cost Plus World Market.

PayPal Can Be Used By People Who Work Online

Some online clients and employers prefer to pay through PayPal. If you work online, it’s likely your boss will require you to have a PayPal account for payments.

Disadvantages of Using PayPal When Buying Weed Seeds

Take note of the following disadvantages of using PayPal to buy cannabis seeds.

PayPal is Not Accepted By All Seed Banks

A lot of seed bank sites still don’t accept PayPal as payment. This is why we only have two confirmed seed banks on our list. There is no information if other sites are considering PayPal this year.

PayPal Application is Tedious

Because PayPal is very serious about protecting your privacy online it takes a long process to sign up. First, you need to sign up from their site but after you’re done, you can’t use your account yet. You must verify your account by adding a bank account or credit card.

But once you’re verified, you still need to wait for around 30 days before you can do anything with your account. If you are getting paid through PayPal, you need to wait 21 days or more before this payment is released to your bank account.

Conclusion, Seed Banks That Take PayPal

PayPal has a lot of advantages but still has some disadvantages as well. People who use PayPal have learned to live with these cons and are now happily using PayPal in their everyday online transactions.